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Nickel vs. Copper difference



  • Dominik Müller



    "Performance wise the nickel plated water block is identical in performance to non-plate (bare) copper water block."

    How is that possible, when the thermal conductivity value for Copper is 4 times the value of Nickel ??

  • Stefan Merisan

    Yeah... about that, a thickness of about 0.3 MICROmeters (or so i suspect that's the thickness ek uses) won't make any difference worth even mentioning. 

  • Joseph Armeni

    Electroplating is such a thin amount of material around the bulk material that it has a statistically insignificant affect on it's thermal conductivity. In fact one could argue that nickel plating is actually superior as the copper oxide layer that can form looks terrible and has more of an impact on the cooling than the nickel plating which stays shiny throughout its useful life time.

  • Peter

    Dear Dominik, Stefan & Joseph,
    Thank you for your comments.

    I would kindly ask you to contact our Technical Support Team about your questions (if you haven't already) and they will surely provide you with exact answers.
    They can be reached on


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