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Fittings for EK-Quantum Reflection² PC-O11D EVO XL Distro Plate



  • Riad Halabi

    Why were the fans mounted behind the side radiator and not in front? Is there a compatibility issue? I have seen other builds with this distro work perfectly fine with extender fittings and the fans in the front position. I'm planning my build and am confused on why EK chose this as the default config. Any answers/clarification would greatly help!

  • Grega M.

    Hi Riad,

    Thank you for the questions.

    The radiator hits the case and there is a small lip at the bottom where the radiator goes "through" the mid panel of the case. A few customers have just cut that off. It is a very easy mod but could not support it that way from the factory.

  • Riad Halabi

    Thank you for your answer Grega. Do you happen to know what length of extender fittings I would need to make this work?

    To clarify, I will have the bracket in the recessed position with the a P420M radiator and would like to know what length of extender fittings I would need to make up for the gap from flipping the bracket and mounting the fans on the front side? Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • James Higgins

    I considering a first custom loop, and I have some questions when looking at this page and the manual for the Distro plate.

    When using this Distro plate in an inverted configuration, looking at the diagrams in the manual:

    Is the only build-in drain port is external to the case?

    The fill port on the plate seems to be low, just looking at the diagrams, does the plate lose water volume when inverted?  

    This page has a GPU diagram for determining the offsets you need with a GPU Block, but how do I determine the offsets for a CPU block? 

  • Grega M.

    Hi James,

    thank you for your questions.

    Yes, if you use the Distro Plate in a flipped configuration, the only drain port is located on the external side of the DP. You can use the inner or external fill port when the DP is used in a flipped configuration. If an inner fill port is used when flipped DP, yes, the coolant level can be a bit lower.

    There are a lot of different MBs on the market and it is close to impossible to list all of them and put the correct off-set fittings on that list so we sadly cannot recommend the specific off-set for a specific MB, but we can say that most of the boards (water blocks on them) can be connected with the 0-3 off-set so if you purchase 2, you will mostlightly be covered. If you want to be even more sure, you can purchase 2 of the 7mm ones and return them if you do not need them.

    I hope this helps and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.


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